Sitecore Commerce XC 9.2 installation: RebuildIndexes_RebuildIndex-Core : WebRequest Request failed: The operation has timed out

Congrats on almost finishing Sitecore XC 9.2 installation. Only few installation steps before it is finished, but this error keeps pooping up.

Screenshot of RebuildIndexes_RebuildIndex-Core error







Json file Common.RebuildIndexes.json that is located in SIF->Configuration->Commerce->Comon, has a few RequestTimeout properties that define how long will install script wait before trying to start step again. Importunately if you have slow PC or Virtual Machine, default values are not giving your PC enough time to finish rebuilding indexes. By increasing these values, your PC will have time to complete this steps and installation will finish successfully.

My example of Common.RebuildIndexes.json








Successful installation after increasing timeouts


Sitecore – How to add standard values

It is easy to sometimes forget how to add Standard values item for your templates and in this short tutorial we will demonstrate how to do it.


Go to the template for which you want to create Standards values, open Options tab and click on Standard values button in Template section:






After clicking on Standard values button you can notice that new Item has been created under our template item:






Now you can set default values for your fields or set presentation details defaults.



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